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iron maiden is my #1


ohgod, i really don't like that list!!!!! and where the fuck is alice!!

i'm a fucking senior dude =D.
i haven't updated this since EVER but roll with me.

what's up with me:

-school's almost over and when it is we're going to play school's out by alice cooper =D

-i have to go to florida this summer. that's gonna be fucking amazing!!!! i told my friends that i'll get to look at hot chicks in bikinis and mel was all like shut the fuck up man. hahaha stop being so paranoid mel XD

-ricks is actually going to pass me. i guess he just wants to get rid of me. i'm fine with that man.
this new updating thing looks fug man 0_0

i got a paper due tomorrow so im gonna do this quick.

life's been pretty good except my grades are like..dropping. mel and chris went skating with me the other day it was really cool except i kept thrashing man!!!!!!! i kept falling and shit. and i'm no poseur dude i've been doing it for years and years. but i guess it was just a bad day.

there's a new johnny rockets in town. i'm going to crash at it later with mel and trevor. silver diner's her favorite, but whatever. i'm make mel come with us HAHAHAHA. ok i'm bored.

sorry for not updating and commenting much. i got sick and totally loss interest 'specially with the 'homie-g-work' HAHAHA and all that shit yeah. i'm hungry. some tacos would be really good now. um yeah later dudes =D

ps layne staley is freakin' awesome. too bad alice ain't the same without him.

under the weather

i'm sick. i'll probably be on hiatus. sorry dudes :(

jeremy spoke in class today. REALLY.

hey dudes. sorry for not updating but i've been spending time with shelbs a lot. it's all about her hahaha.

chemistry was totally weird. ms berry was explaining something when some loner kid spoke out.

jeremy - i'm leaving
ms berry - excuse me
jeremy- fuck this class

yeah he's got a detention or something. not really impressive. but the funny thing is that mel was saying Jeremy spoke in class today. whoa. we better watch out 0__0 i think taht the dumbest part of this whole topic is that some kid didn't know what mel was singing about so she took out her ipod and showed him the video for jeremy by pearl jam.

and so she's converting people into pearljamism or w/e the fuck you call it. hell it worked on me XD MWAHAHAHAHAHA. they r good i guess. mel says if she ever adopts a boy he'll be named jeremy. she says it has no relations with the vid cos she just happens 2 like the naem. i believe that. or maybe she'll have a kid someday but she doesn't think that's likely XD BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. i can almost picture her pregnant or somehting. whao. dude.


mel wrote this in her livejournal just a few days ago:

I walked to my elementary school with Trevor today. It's just a few blocks away.
Wow. Memories. So many memories flashed :|

whao. that made me stop and think.
me and my friends go way back.
i remember the first time we played guitar together.
i thought they were so cool because they knew about black sabbath and iron maiden.
then we just became good friends.
friends that did stupid stuff.
like the time that we got mel and kirsten in carts.
i had to push kirsten's cart against trevor who pushed mel's cart.
i don't even remember who won mwahahaha.
or the time that mel wanted me to tie her shoes but instead trevor did.
he still does, bwahahahahahahahaha.
best friends lol.

aerosmith concert

the concert last night was awesome. except me and Mel booed Motley Crue. i don't mind some of their songs but i don't really like them. anyways Steve Tyler was great. and there we were. so close to Joe Perry. i'm still in shock!!!

and i have the Iron Maiden concert in December in Italy. that'll be the best!!!!!

i took this from i_love_alice

Your Cliche Fantasy Novel by DFerahgo
Preferred Garb
You area female knight
Grouchy Dwarven Companionqueen_nothin
Prancy Elf-boy sidekicki_love_alice
Your romantic interestway_too_uncool
Ancient Evil Villain...cynicallips
... whose dark realm isWashington DC
The climactic battle:includes pedophilia and cannabalism, in that order
on page1,938
And in the resolution, youget hit by a chariot
which happens on page535

haha Mel's my love interest, wtf? XD


i skipped my detention today again. mr racek says i'm too much of a wise-ass. eh. whatever. i've been sleeping thru first block this whole week. chemistry sux dude. my skateboard is prohibited too. ah man life blows rite now. and there is a shoobie that likes me. she left some notes in my locker. i don't like to be mean but i have to cos she just doesn't get it. some girls are just so complicated =\ shelb's been acting up too. maybe its her period or something mwahaha XD nah. she's just too much of a punk feminist or something.

Mel - hey kyle. you and shelby are grunge.
Me - what the fuck man? >=(
Mel - yeh she's punk & ur metal

way_too_uncool - ur funny Mel XD in stupid ways (dont hurt me at school tomorrow haha)